My Story

Chris is a wildly creative, out-of-the-box thinking, high performing CEO. He has been behind multiple successful product and company launches, and established a formula to create extremely engaging, low budget marketing videos that simultaneously entertain and educate your audience.

Known for his charisma and energetically glowing personality, Chris is extremely passionate about creating communities, practicing health and wellness, and helping out others in any way he can.

From the time that Chris was a teenager, he had been engulfed in the entrepreneurial world. Knowing that he could never stand working for someone else, he decided to do things on my own terms. After starting and selling an electronics store in his hometown of Toronto, Chris moved to Hermosa Beach, CA where he started and sold a successful restaurant on the pier.

After selling this restaurant, Chris began uncovering his true passion: building products and teams, and most importantly, creating engaging brands with viral videos. On a shoestring budget, Chris created an Agency called Project Copilot where him and his team would help incubate ideas into actual products with successful launch campaigns to catapult them into the market place.

In June 2015, Chris and his team launched Dollar Beard Club – a subscription men’s grooming box company. He applied his formula of video creation to build a massive community around his brand and quickly turned their customers into a cult following. Operating with a broken website, hardly any paid traffic, email marketing, or affiliate marketing, they pulled in $10.5 million in sales within their first year of business.

By the age of 28, Chris has been responsible for over 100 million video views, tens of millions of dollars in sales, and has even landed a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank in April 2016 for Coolbox, a product which he’s now since licensed.

The formula that he’s perfected for producing viral videos has built an extensive base of raving customers, bringing in massive returns on investment. This formula is now something that he is looking to share with the world. Video is the future of content, and Chris’s mission is to change the way that companies interact with potential customers. To lead in this movement, he has created the media and events company Unconscious Content in which he intends to change marketing forever, and for better.