For The Love Of Erewhon

Chris Stoikos September 1, 2016 Lifestyle 3 Comments

In today’s fast paced society, food on the go has sadly become a way of life. Food used to be a celebration, three times a day, where you sat down with friends and family to enjoy a meal. You would chew your food until it was masticated and able to be digested, you would nourish your body with the pure… Read More

A New Type of Serial Entrepreneur

Chris Stoikos May 31, 2016 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be dated back to around 17,000 BCE. During this time, traders and merchants emerged and began this ancient grind. Thousands of years later, the principals behind the relentless hours that need to be put in to be successful haven’t changed much. The Monopoly board on which we build our wealth and status, however, has gone through many revisions…. Read More

When Beards Unite

Chris Stoikos April 5, 2016 Adventures 2 Comments

A lot of people ask how I met Dan (amongst our crew, he’s known as Bilzo). Well, it’s pretty simple. I’m a big believer in thinking about what you want to come true, which directly improves the chances of it happening, until it finally comes true. So, basically, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, made sure that I did… Read More