When Beards Unite

Chris Stoikos April 5, 2016 Adventures 2 Comments

A lot of people ask how I met Dan (amongst our crew, he’s known as Bilzo).

Well, it’s pretty simple. I’m a big believer in thinking about what you want to come true, which directly improves the chances of it happening, until it finally comes true. So, basically, I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, made sure that I did something a little cooler than standing still and dumping the ice on my head, and called out Dan Bilzerian.

I went to Vegas 24 hours later, and ‘randomly’ met him. Coincidence?

Dan and I had some things in common: We hate authority, we didn’t follow a societal mold to appease those around us, and we like making money.

Oh yeah – we were both born with beards.

I never have a shortage of ideas, and I’m usually full of more energy than I know what to do with. Dan has an extravagant lifestyle, and a massive online audience. Those points led to thinking of ways to take advantage of the assets we had access to. After much thought, Dollar Beard Club surfaced as the organic vehicle for our official collaboration.

Dan is big on staying loyal to his followers and not pitching ‘addy’ ads to them, which made this make even more sense, as it fit right into his lifestyle. So we knocked out our first content together in style, and put the Kings of their respective jungles (slightly self proclaimed) into the LA Kings practice locker room…


As you know from Bilzo’s Instagram lifestyle (which is surprisingly even more ridiculous in person), there’s been no shortage of entertainment when we kick it – whether that means enjoying the jet life, shooting commercials at the Vegas mansion, or chilling in the Bahamas.


Nothing beats the party that we had back in September for Dollar Beard Club at Bilzo’s pad in Hollywood. Everyone always talks about “What’s the ratio going to be like at the party?!” (girls to guys) – and this was literally 4:1 – there were packs of girls hanging out with no one to talk to, it didn’t even make sense.

There was plenty of awesome food, a lot of booze, monkeys, our famous Lion, and a full moon.


We’re having our 1 year launch party this June – on a yacht in LA. Stay tuned.

Enough of this rant. Now you know how we met – and what life can turn into when you’re an outgoing, risk-taking, hard working entrepreneur. Check out my next post on what it means to be a “New type of serial entrepreneur”

Good talk. I’ll see you out there.

  • Myles Doak

    I am a fan of your style, story and hustle. Ill continue to follow along , see you at the TOP !

  • Roger Jin

    Fellow subscription box entrepreneur here. This is good stuff brother, thanks for sharing and keep posting!